Easley’s police chief officially begins retirement

EASLEY — After 16 years at the helm of the Easley Police Department, Chief Danny Traber has officially begun his retirement with the passing of the gauntlet to EPD Major Tim Tollison.

Now the question is what will Traber be doing with all of his spare time. If you ask him, there isn’t much time not accounted for in his near future.

“Right now, I am just enjoying the summer and am planning on doing some travel. As a matter of fact, we’ll be headed off to the beach in a few weeks,” Traber said. “Of course my family’s all-in with Clemson football so when fall gets here we’ll be spending time following the Tigers and hunting season kicks in so it looks like I’ll be tied up for awhile at least. I’m sure there’s plenty to keep me busy.”

After so many years on the job, the transition from putting on the uniform and going to work and retirement hasn’t really begun to set in with Traber yet.

“Saturday my wife pointed out it was my first day of retirement and it didn’t really hit home. I normally wouldn’t be working weekends so it was just a Saturday,” Traber said. “It still hasn’t settled in yet and just feels like a vacation. As the weeks go on and I start to get used to it, I think there will be some adjusting but for now, we’re just going to try and enjoy it.”

Beyond the immediate future through the end of 2015, Traber said he doesn’t have a real plan on what he intends to devote his time to beyond then.

“This year I want to do what I want to do, some travel and enjoy my time,” he said with a smile. “Yeah, I want to do some things, even some of what the wife wants me to do, but as far as a plan, there isn’t one.”

Easley’s new police chief was announced June 1 following the end of Traber’s watch and Traber, decked out in orange for his Tigers, appeared ready for his vacation to begin.

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