Coloring contest winners announced

Staff Report

EASLEY — The Halloween spirit was alive and well at the offices of The Easley Progress and The Pickens Sentinel last week when the staff got down to the bone-rattling challenge of picking the winner in the Halloween coloring contest.

Like a ghost that rises from the mist, the two publications brought back the contest after burying — er, shelving — it two years ago.

Christine Wyatt, general manager and media director for the two publications, said the entries they received — more than 60 in all — made it difficult to choose the winners.

“We were surprised at the talent of the young boys and girls who colored the drawings we had,” she said. “It made our job that much harder — we wanted to pick them all but knew we had to whittle it down to three.”

The winners were Luke Chapman, age 8, first place; Colin Gilstrap, age 8, second place; and Ellen Clardy, age 10, third place.

“These three were the cream of the crop,” Wyatt said. “We are already looking forward to holding it again next year.”

Staff Report

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