Krause elected to state SAR positions

COLUMBIA – Bob Krause of Pickens was elected the S.C. State Society Sons of the American Revolution’s Upstate vice president and Color Guard Commander during the annual state conference held in May in Columbia.

The South Carolina State Society SAR was organized on April 18, 1889, at the S.C. State House and has grown to 19 chapters with more than 800 members statewide.

The SAR community and youth outreach programs provide scholarships, recognition and awards for deserving students and future leaders.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a “lineage” society, which means that each member has traced their family tree back to a point of having an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783.

SAR’s international membership consists of over 30,000 in 535 chapters in the United States. There are also societies in Mexico, Canada, France, Spain Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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