Honoring Their Service parade is June 22

EASLEY – The public is invited to participate in a welcoming patriotic parade on June 22, held to honor visiting Marines from Camp Lejeune, N.C., as well as a group from the Marine Corps’ South Carolina Wounded Warrior Regiment.

Around 40 Marines are expected for the event.

Individuals and businesses are asked to help line the parade route with signs, flag-waving, and expressions of thanks as the motorcade moves from Easley to downtown Seneca, and on to Lake Keowee. Businesses along the route are also encouraged to place a “Welcome” or “Thank You” message on any electronic sign they may have.

Last year, approximately 300 motorcyclists led the motorcade in recognition of the sacrifices of Marines serving our country. Scores of onlookers lined the parade route, waving flags and shouting thanks and well wishes to the Marines.

“Each year, the support and gratitude demonstrated by people along the motorcade route has shown that the Upstate understands and appreciates the sacrifices these dedicated young men and women have made,” said 2015 event chairman, Tom Morse. “Honoring Their Service provides the entire upstate community the opportunity to say thank you, face to face, heart to heart. I encourage all who can to come out to show their support again this year.”

Upstate communities, led by volunteers from Keowee Key, a Lake Keowee residential community, are partnering with the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital of the Greenville Health System to host the 3-1/2 day “Honoring Their Service” event concentrated on the lakes and rivers of upstate South Carolina.

The Marines will be treated to outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, river tubing, hiking, and archery, all created to communicate support and gratitude for the service they give.

The visiting Marines and motorcade will depart the J.B. Red Owens Recreation Complex in Easley on June 22 around 2:15 pm, traveling down S.C. 123 through Easley before turning onto S.C. 93 which will lead the group through Liberty, Norris and Central.

The motorcade will then rejoin S.C. 123 in Clemson and travel on to Seneca. In Seneca, the route will turn at Miracle Circle onto North First Street, travel through downtown Seneca before heading to Lake Keowee via Hwy. 130.

For more information on the parade route or to participate in the June 22 motorcycle escort, visit the event’s website at www.honoring-their-service.org and click on “Event 2015.” The parade route can be accessed by clicking on “Motorcycle Escorts.”

Donations to support the “Honoring Their Service” event can be sent to Honoring Their Service Inc., P.O. Box 607, Salem, SC 29676.

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