A jolt of magic teaches students about electrical safety

Joshua Jackson and Mary Kate Fain, students at Pickens Elementary, participate in a magic trick with the help of Magician Scott Davis, representing Blue Ridge Electric Co-op.

With much laughter on a serious subject, Hagood Elementary students learn to STOP, LOOK and THINK about electrical safety in their homes as well as outdoors.

PICKENS COUNTY — Students at two local elementary schools got an interesting lesson in electrical safety recently. However, unlike traditional lecture style lessons, this presentation was of a magical variety.

Using magic tricks and comedy to hold the students attention, magician Scott Davis presented his Making Accidents Disappear program, sponsored by Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, to students at Pickens Elementary and Hagood Elementary schools.

“There is no performing art that is more universally loved among children than magic,” Davis said. “I’m excited that Blue Ridge Electric Co-op decided to sponsor this program in area elementary schools.Teaching electrical safety in a way that is memorable and fun for the students is a real passion of mine.”

Dr. Allen Fain, principal at Pickens Elementary said the Blue Ridge Electric program was a huge success.

“Our students were engaged throughout the magic show and learned valuable lessons about electrical safety,” Fain said. “The magician was the hit of the show and kept students engaged throughout the performance. He was clear about his expectations and thus the students were able to learn the important message about electrical safety.”

Hagood Elementary principal Paula Alexander said Davis was a dynamic speaker and provided an engaging program for students.

“He captured their attention the entire program while entertaining them in the most fun and magical way while also communicating the importance of electrical safety,” Alexander said.

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