Ad campaign to highlight Meals on Wheels

By D. C. Moody -

PICKENS COUNTY — You might be seeing more about Meals on Wheels on your television soon as The Ad Council has released new commercials for the organization touting creativity and the small amount of time it takes to make a difference.

In the last month, Pickens County Meals on Wheels has seen two unique approaches make a difference which is similar to the message the new ads purvey.

First Hendrick Honda filled a car with food donations which helped to replenish some of PCMOW’s pantries. Second was a birthday challenge by Rep. Neal Collins, foregoing birthday cards in lieu of $1 and $5 donations to assist with their services. Both campaigns had an impact and its that sort of thinking that could generate more donations if those interested become creative.

“Those were two great ideas and they helped a good many of our seniors in Pickens County,” said Meta Bowers, executive director of PCMOW. “People sometimes forget that small ideas and donations add up and matter to the people we serve. The Ad Council campaign is leveraging some of these and stressing if everyone did just a little something, even volunteering for one hour per week, what a difference it would make.”

The Ad Council’s campaign — entitled “America, let’s do lunch” — shows how just using your lunch hour one day per week may make a positive impact on the community.

“The campaign showcases all the different faces involved to show the human side of Meals on Wheels,” Bowers said. “It will help to remove the stereotype that those we serve are all old and poor. They are our parents, they are veterans, and people from all walks of life. This program is about taking care of those who took care of us.”

Bowers explained Meals on Wheels does more than deliver food, they provide company for those lost in isolation and also provide a safety check on those who otherwise may be forgotten.

“Along with the nutrition the receive with meals, our clients see so many benefits,” Bowers said. “Our service helps those who have chronic health issues, see improved mental health through interaction, and an increase in their own self rated help by allowing them to stay in their own homes. The cost is $1,200 per year for a client to receive our service which is the equivalent to one day in a hospital or one week in assisted living. We are able to help increase their happiness and also be more independent in their own home longer.”

The campaign by The Ad Council is only one of the campaigns the group has put together over the years and their success has been shown in their longevity:

“Since 1942, the Ad Council has offered trusted advice and inspiring calls-to-action. In fact, we created the category of public service advertising, and our icons and slogans are woven into the very fabric of American culture. The Ad Council is where Smokey Bear lives. The Ad Council saw that ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’ and reminded Americans that ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.’ Today, we continue to be the leading producer of public service advertisements in the United States, raising awareness and inspiring action on a diversity of issues, from texting and driving to autism awareness. We connect with Americans across ever-expanding communication channels to inspire, inform and save lives.”

By D. C. Moody

Reach D. C. Moody at 864-855-0355.

Reach D. C. Moody at 864-855-0355.


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