PC Humane Society looking to improve

Fundraising continues for the Pickens County Humane Society as they work on upgrades to improve their facilities, but most importantly to improve the care of the animals they house, care for and prepare for adoption.

Replacing chain link fencing in enclosures is one part of the fundraising campaign’s purpose so little guys like this one don’t injure themselves.

If enough funds are raised, the lean-to attached to the Pickens County Humane Society’s facilities will become a medical center and a separate location for housing cats and kittens.

PICKENS COUNTY — The Pickens County Humane Society still has a long way to go in providing much needed facilities improvements for potential pet owners and short-term residents as well.

Most Pickens County residents don’t think about the facilities at the Humane Society except on the rarest of occasions, but the service provided by the organization is one of vital importance.

Director Samantha Gamble and her staff are working double time to see some changes come to fruition to benefit everyone, especially the safety and care of the pets that pass through their doors.

“We are doing an entire kennel remodel, getting rid of the chain link fencing that’s been used for so long. The dogs and puppies try to climb the chain link fencing or chew through and they get hurt because of it,” Gamble said. “By putting in bars instead and guillotine doors, the dogs are safer and sanitation and cleanliness is better too. By making the right changes we will have a safer place for our animals and a larger adoption area.”

Not only will the renovations proposed be an improvement for the adoptable pets, the experience will go a long way for pet lovers as well.

“Right now we have a makeshift lean-to on one side of the building we use for storage, but if we can get to where we need to be that area will be enclosed and we can do two things,” Gamble said. “One, we can have a dedicated area for kitten and cat adoption so cat lovers won’t have to go through where our dogs are in their kennels. The second is we would be able to provide better medical care with the right area designated for that, which is something we’ve been needing for awhile.”

Maybe almost as important as the renovations so badly needed at the Pickens County facility are the needs to keep the doors open on a yearly basis. As a non-profit organization, depending on the kindness of strangers is sometimes a dicey prospect at best.

“In December of last year (2014) we weren’t sure we would even be able to keep the doors open for the next year and there were a lot of kind people who jumped in and made donations and we’re thankful for that,” Gamble said. “And while one-time donations go a long way to helping us operate, it makes it hard to know what we will be able to do in the long term. But, as generally what happens, when the crisis was over the donations dropped off and we need people involved on a regular basis.”

As a non-profit organization, the Pickens County Humane Society depends on public funds and donations to provide its services to the community. Gamble and her staff are taking the fundraising by the reins with announcements expected for events such as a golf tournament and an all-day concert to raise much needed money to alleviate the worries of not being able to stay open and provide the best service possible, to pets and people alike.

The organization’s goal for the improvements projects is $30,000 and thus far have raised almost half, sitting in at approximately $14,000 at this point.

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