Resumes from across country in administrator pool

PICKENS COUNTY — Pickens County Council is continuing its search for a replacement for departed County Administrator Matthew Delk with an approach of finding the right fit, according to one member of council.

Councilman Tom Ponder said the interest in the position in Pickens County has been widespread with varying degrees of experience by applicants and interest expressed even from great geographical distances in relocating to the foothills of upstate South Carolina.

“There’s been a good bit of interest in the administrator position, some from as far away as Alaska,” Ponder said. “Right now we are going through the process of screening applications, looking for what we think will be the best for the county as a whole.”

And what does Ponder believe will be the best fit for Pickens County?

“I’m looking for someone to take us to a higher level. The people in this county deserve it,” Ponder said. “I’m looking for someone with a proven track record and an ability to not only deal with just officials but the people of the county as well.”

Pickens County Council Chair Jennifer Willis said the list of possible candidates has been winnowed down to 10, which Ponder confirmed. Of the remaining candidates, Ponder said council is looking for a candidate with a variety of offerings to fill the county’s vacancy.

“This is a tough position for someone to fill with the economy and budget concerns,” Ponder stated. “I think we need someone with a background and experience in not only dealing with administration but financial issues as well. Knowledge and experience in finance is going to be an important part of the process for me.”

Pickens County has been without an administrator since February but mid-summer months are almost always light for local and state government when it comes to work schedules.

“Now that we are in July, which is always a slow month for council, things will begin to pick up again in August,” Ponder said. “That’s when we will sit down and begin to get down to the candidates we feel are the strongest and best fit for the county. We may not find someone who has all the experience in all the areas we are looking for, but we are going to take our time and find the best fit for the county.”

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