Governor calls for assessment of state’s recruitment centers

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COLUMBIA – The recent shootings at recruitment centers in Tennessee have prompted Gov. Nikki Haley to ramp up the protection at similar sites in South Carolina.

Haley, working with Major General Bob Livingston, is coordinating the effort with law enforcement across the state, including the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, headed by Mark Keel.

Haley said they are undertaking the measures to ensure the safety and security of service members, their families and S.C. National Guard facilities across the state following the deadly shootings at Armed Forces recruitment centers in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“In the wake of the shootings in Chattanooga, I have ordered a full review of all South Carolina National Guard facilities and installations statewide. The safety of our men and women in uniform is paramount, and I fully expect that this rolling review, starting this week, will result in the arming of some of our guardsmen,” Haley said. “I will continue to work directly with General Livingston and Chief Keel to make sure we are doing everything in our power to confront the threats facing South Carolina.”

Steps the governor has authorized Livingston and his team to undertake, which ensures safety while balancing public access to facilities, include:

• Over the next week, Guard officials will conduct site-by-site visits for vulnerability assessments of all Guard recruitment stations, facilities and installations across the state.

• Based on vulnerability assessments, designated officials will be armed at recruitment stations, facilities and installations across the state as necessary.

• Continue active shooter exercises with local law enforcement.

• Continue active coordination and training with law enforcement.

• Provide a method of instant contact with law enforcement.

• Improve all physical security measures at all Guard facilities based on vulnerability assessments.

Staff Report

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