I’m leaving no regrets in 2015

Moody Swings - D. C. Moody

What is it about the flipping of a single page in a calendar that seems to change everything? I mean it’s only a page in a man-made method of tracking time. It isn’t as if, in the scheme of things, we get a do-over, but here I am, just like most of you, excited at the prospect of what a new year brings.

I suppose as 2015 was drawing to a close I was somewhat down and depressed because I have a few things hanging over me I can’t seem to get rid of, like that nosy neighbor that refuses to take a hint and go away. I am a terrible neighbor and always have been, far too loud with the music and I never go out of my way to get to know anyone.

It seems to imply I want them knocking anytime they feel the need, and that’s just not my gig. I am far too private and closed off to allow just anyone to get close, but that is a subject for another day.

As I said, I was down about the fact 2015 was coming to a close because I couldn’t seem to get some things to fall in line in the last year, things I truly felt, and feel, I needed to resolve. Well, that was a critical mistake, and there was no way I could possibly begin a new year while I was still encumbered.

But I was wrong and it was because of the perspective I was taking. In this case I was hung up on what hadn’t been done not what I had accomplished in 2015.

When I look at it this way, in spite of those other pesky little problems, I had a good year and it could lead to even bigger things.

Professionally, and I guess they were all professional, but as concerns my career as a journalist I was honored by the South Carolina Press Association for my work. There are a lot of folks who can’t say that and there are times I take it for granted.

When I sit down at a keyboard things happen, it’s just how it is, and I forget the years and years of work, study, and most of all, practice that went into being able to practice a skill most will never know the pleasure of. The ability to sit and write thoughts, feelings, or emotions into something as detached as words and still evoke an appropriate response is fulfilling beyond anything I am able to make plain to you.

All I can say is that I hope I have in some way had that type of effect on you. If I haven’t, well, I guess I’m just not trying hard enough and will put more effort into my work.

Outside my role as a journalist, I didn’t quite accomplish all I wanted as a writer in 2015, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy, which you may know.

I had the opportunity to play some music and see some great acts as well, not to mention hang out with some cool musicians. I made new friends and found old ones in the process and have found as much as I liked just playing, there is nothing like standing in front of a crowd and belting out some Motown tune and having the feeling resonate through the room. There is much more of this in store for 2016.

Beyond music I had a wonderful year onstage in some awesome productions, including one never seen in the Southeast before in an off-Broadway setting. I had the fortunate experience of working on some of the most historic and beloved stages in the South and 2016 is set up to do more of the same.

I was elected a member of the board for Easley’s Foothills Playhouse as well, one of my more proud accomplishments, just being able to further the work they have done thus far and make an impact on local arts and performing. Keep an eye out, EFP has some wonderful shows with some wonderful talent headed your way this year. And keep an eye on Abbeville Opera House as well, there’s more to come from that venue as well in the very near future.

I have strong relationships with the people that matter most and my father made it another year. I have worked to fix my relationship with him and grew in my ability to be open to people in spite of myself and the cynicism I am saddled with. In the scheme of things these are the most important, not money or accomplishments, because what I think will leave a mark on this world does not compare to the legacy of being remembered by the ones that knew you best.

When it comes to the sum of my life in 2015, I have no regrets whatsoever.


Moody Swings

D. C. Moody

D. C. Moody is a staff writer for The Easley Progress, The Pickens Sentinel and Powdersville Post and can be reached at [email protected] Views expressed in this column are those of the writer only and do not represent the newspaper’s opinion.

D. C. Moody is a staff writer for The Easley Progress, The Pickens Sentinel and Powdersville Post and can be reached at [email protected] Views expressed in this column are those of the writer only and do not represent the newspaper’s opinion.

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