Pickens County comes through again

It seems someone is always raising money for something, whether it’s their children’s school or class, searching for a cure, or a disaster half a world away. In many cases we give without thought to whether the donation actually makes it to our intended destination, but the Easley Fire Department gave Pickens County residents an opportunity to give freely and have every penny count over the weekend.

You may have come to a red light somewhere in the Easley area and been greeted by firefighters and first responders with a boot in hand at the intersection. For a lot of us, the initial reaction may have been one of dread, curious as to who was asking for money this time. The good thing is, the cause was worth it and every penny went to help.

The Augusta Burn Center, one of the premier burn centers in the country, was the beneficiary of the donations proffered and the fundraiser initiated by the Easley Fire Department and its personnel.

Makes sense firefighters would choose a burn center as its cause of choice, but it should also be recognized the time these lifesaving professionals give to raise money is their own. None of the time spent at stop signs or traffic lights over the weekend was on the clock but instead donated.

It’s one thing to potentially put your life on the line every time the alarm sounds and you strap on your equipment. It’s another altogether to take what little downtime you have and spend it in the service of others, especially when your career is spent in service.

So, hats off to all who spent their beautiful, early fall weekend working to collect much needed resources for a facility that does so much for so many.

But that isn’t all. Plenty of kudos are available for those who took a moment to listen to what these professionals had to say and then donated. Times are tough for those who work for a living, it seems they always are, and when a hard earned dime is given in charity, there should be some sort of recognition for that.

Not that anyone should give to charity for recognition, but there should be some sort of acknowledgement, especially during a time in this nation when it seems self-serving ego is the attitude-du-jour.

That’s one thing about Pickens County many don’t see or realize and that’s the giving nature of its residents.

Time and again you see events fueled by volunteers and run by donations and it’s often a miracle they pull it off. But they do, as locals are willing to give of their time and money to see good causes prosper.

That is just the situation here, except there was no year to raise money, just the opportunity presented by chance meetings to give and give freely. Instead of just saying no and moving on, most did give even if it hurt.

But that’s what charity is in many ways, giving when you don’t really have to give.

It was a beautiful weekend, a prelude to what promises to be a glorious, color-filled fall and hopefully everyone had a moment to step outside and enjoy it.

For those who happened to drop some cash into a boot, having left home with no intention, thank you. Once more it shows what this community is made of.

The Augusta Burn Unit — which hopefully will never be needed again — benefited the most, naturally, but all those who either raised money or those who gave should know, their benefit, although it can’t be counted in dollars and cents, was far more than you know.

You gave hope, not money. Remember that.

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