Children aren’t the same as chickens

Somewhere along the way it seems the priorities of this nation became somewhat muddled. You can’t turn any direction anymore without someone making some sort of offhand comment about our priorities and how we as a nation have gotten off track.

It is becoming a sport as social media allows individuals their own personal platform, even making some feel as if they are now arbiters of truth and wisdom because they happen to have seven followers on Twitter. Well, having an opinion is as American as hot dogs and apple pie but agreement is like deciding which mustard or ice cream to put on top.

Instead of looking at the entire spectrum of issues, how about just one to show just how off kilter our priorities are: free range chickens vs. non-free range kids.

It might seem an odd comparison, but it is apt.

There has been a move toward more humane treatment of the animals we consume, but minus ill treatment, what difference does it make? These animals are being bred for the specific purpose. Whether these chickens are being “herded” for meat or eggs, in the end does it matter if they were free range? This in no way advocates cruelty, but the question should be why a chicken should live a better life than those in poverty.

Even better, why would people be more concerned about livestock and other food animals than their the indigent living in their communities?

Consider the culture surrounding children. Over the years it has become more and more apparent there is a worship mentality where children are concerned and a cultural movement has emerged with all children being rewarded for participation.

As chickens are given more freedom to do as they please, children are being reined in. No more playing without supervision, no more climbing trees without a restraining rope, no more bikes without full body armor, no more boo-boos because children in this country do no wrong and are not expected to take any responsibility for their actions. They feel completely entitled to whatever they want, and are bathed and showered in gifts for just being.

There’s no lesson in this for the kids. They don’t learn about failure and trying again, never learn from mistakes because they are limited in the scope of mistakes they are allowed to make, are not taught the true meaning of life and how to survive, and certainly never learn an independent spirit.

They have never had to compete before. Everything is always equal, no one stands out, and there are no failures to overcome. As a society we have removed the adversity from the lives of the future and the result will be tragic.

Then again, it seems to be working out well for the chickens. But then again, they do end up going to slaughter. Could that be prophetic for our children as well? Let’s hope not.

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