Nothing misleading, Collins mistaken

It is with regret I find I must write this letter, however it is necessary to refute the recent derogatory letter directed at my character by State Representative Neal Collins.

At the April Pickens County GOP Convention, Neal Collins had intended to be elected County GOP Chairman. However after local delegates were seated they elected Phillip Bowers chairman along with other officers to represent the GOP in Pickens County. Unhappy with his defeat, Collins filed a protest with the state party asking the results be tossed out and a convention/election of officers be replayed.

In August a hearing was held by the state party for the “sole purpose” to hear Collins’ protest. In a decisive 34-2 vote, the State Republican Executive Committee denied Collins’ protest and the results of the April convention were upheld.

The party did order the next convention in two years be overseen by the state party to insure no shenanigans occurred again. You see, Collins tried to register 48 delegates, supporters of his intended to swing the election in his favor, the night of the convention. State party rules state such registration must occur no less than five days before the convention.

In fact the final resolution put forth by the state party was short and to the point – “Protest Denied – The SC State GOP will provide oversight/supervision for the next Pickens County GOP Convention.”

Collins is mistaken. I understood the ruling perfectly and have not mislead anyone. Collins’ protest failed. I know that is embarrassing for him, but his was a baseless claim and the state party saw it that way in the hearing.

Rick Tate


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