A newspaper just for us

I really enjoy reading The Easley Progress. I can take a break from the murder and mayhem on the national news and just sit back and read about the murder and mayhem going on in my own community. Luckily, there seems to be more mayhem than murder. If you read the Easley Progress you will find out what high school team won and what the Mayor is proposing to add to the budget, as well as where and when community events will take place.

D. C. Moody is a good reporter and I can count on him to tell me what is really happening in and around Easley. His writing has a home-town boy feel. He is a good story-teller, not afraid to tell you about his life, his family, his fears and his view of the world — with just the right touch of humor.

Kasie Strickland’s writing is skilled and proficient and her editorial comments are often thought-provoking and will bring a tear to your eye. I look forward to reading their news articles as well as their observations of our community and life in general.

I feel we are lucky to have a newspaper that is just for “us” – what our neighbors and churches are doing, what is happening in our schools, what our politicians stand for (or against). It’s not about the big picture. It’s about things that are important to “us.” Thank you, Civitas Media, for bringing it all together.

Lynda Abegg


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