Save Hagood Elementary in Pickens County

The School District of Pickens County’s web page says their vision is “to prepare students for success beyond the classroom and that they have a belief “students are our first priority.”

How can either of these statements be fulfilled when they are placing the students and the student’s parents in distress?

How can closing this local school help foster success by putting them in a classroom with more students?

How can closing this local school place student’s needs first given what our present economic situation is?

Average incomes are down, Federal Spending is outpacing Federal Income, food prices are up, our Governor is pushing a gas tax hike, Obamacare premiums are going up, and nearly 1 out of every 4 people in Pickens County is at poverty level, lists 314 homes in foreclosure in Pickens County and now the SDPC wants to add more stress to these parents and students by closing the school they love?

Please contact all the Pickens County School Board Trustees and tell them to save our small local schools! Tell them to follow their stated belief that students are their first priority…not construction companies lining their pockets with taxpayer funds.

Johnnelle Raines


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