Flawed thinking by SDPC

Here are the thinking skills that reflect not only some of Pickens School Board but the other people cheering them on to raise taxes and close schools. The thinking goes like this: I am going to set aside funds within the budget for the eventual replacement of roofs and air conditioners.

And if I set aside too little, then I’ll just have to borrow or tax more to replace those items when they inevitably fail or I can just close the school, kick everyone out and move them into another school that doesn’t need a roof or air conditioner just yet.

These types of thinking skills are flawed. Obviously they didn’t set aside enough funds for the roof replacements or air conditioners because they knew they always had a backup plan to fall back on called raising taxes.

They used poor judgment and mismanaged our tax dollars. Now they think they only have three choices to make up for this poor judgment. They need to borrow more or get more revenue or close schools.

They don’t want to think about the fourth option of cutting back on wants and saving more till you have the funds for the true needs because that’s too hard and requires effort.

What is going on in the SDPC is too much emphasis on “convenience” and beautification. Everyone wants things that make their job easier and looks good, which costs more funds. The SDPC does not understand the difference between wants and needs. It is as simple as that. I taught the difference between wants and needs to my first graders and they get it better than the SDPC does.

As a former teacher I know why the funds aren’t getting to the classroom and it’s called … let’s fleece the taxpayer for more funds.

More than half of my income goes toward 100 different taxes the government imposes on us. It is time to stop denying me my rights to provide for my family’s needs by over taxation.

Johnnelle Raines



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