City, county should honor officers

I have great sadness over the death of fallen Officer Jacobs of the City of Greenville. Officer Jacobs was a man in blue but he was also a man of great compassion and love for the people whom he served. His death is hardly anything we would ever want to happen to any Officer.

Our Officers are our protectors and the promoters of peace in our community of Easley. I have great respect for those who display compassion and caring towards those they serve. Surely we all appreciate their service. A great phrase we could benefit by is “Love one another.” Love will cover or prevent a multitude of sins.

I call on Mayor Bagwell to proclaim Officer Appreciation Week during the first week of fall. Also I call on the churches to have Officer Appreciation Day on a given Sunday in order to minister to our Officers on a larger scale and to ensure them of our love and respect.

I also call on the Easley City Council to re-examine the city budget and rearrange items in the budget (which can be done by the willing) in order to increase the pay of our men and women in blue. Their job is dangerous yet they chose to serve the Citizens of the City of Easley. And they deserve a higher wage for their sacrifices. And I would request the same of the County Council for the Officers of the County.

There is much wisdom in the thought, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” It is unconscionable for citizens to fall into the trap of us and them regarding other citizens. It is inexcusable to view any Officer as our enemy. They are not. Every Officer is sworn to uphold the law.

They are normal people with families just like yours. In fact it would be very productive if we embraced each other as family. We live in a dangerous world so let us ponder over how much we need each other and will need each other in the future.

God bless the Officers of the County of Pickens and the Officers of the City of Easley.

Dr. Sam Byrum


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