Voters need to elect Rick Tate

Voters need to replace Neal Collins with Rick Tate on June 14. Collins has no relationship with the County Council other than his negativity. Collins demands the School Board raises property tax while the State continues to underfund the School District nearly $7,000,000.00 yearly. The Council and Board have to deal with real budget issues and need support from the State, not criticism from a State Representative.

Worse yet, Collins has created a myth of dysfunction within the School Board. The 2015/2016 school year has been the best year academically in three decades. Our school district is in the top 20 percent statewide. Arguing among the board members and superintendent (the so-called dysfunction) has not prevented the district from providing excellent education to students in the district, yet this is Collins’ excuse to add a seventh Board member.

Adding a seventh School Board member is about raising property taxes. Do not be fooled. Because our School Board carefully avoided tax increases and excessive spending, some people plotted to add a pro-tax and spend member to the School Board by creating a seventh seat. If they are successful we will see more spending and a substantial increase in our tax millage rate.

Stirring the political pot to create chaos keeps everyone from working together to solve problems. This needs to stop. Get rid of Collins now.

Rick Tate will work with local officials in a polite manner as have Legislative Delegation members of the past and present. Rick Tate has a cordial relationship with current County Council members, and he will work with future members. Rick Tate is aware of the needs of the School Board, and he has a good relationship with current members. Let’s return to civility and have some real representation for the people of SC House District 5.

Steve Haynie


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