Addiction can be beaten

I found Alex Saitta’s letter, on the growing meth problem in the county, to be very insightful. Alex is a problem solver, I think we would all be well advised to take his solution orientated ideas seriously.

Abuse of prescription drugs is also rising and a grave concern. Pain clinics seem to be all over – Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith needs the drug, says they have a pain and the prescription is written. Not only are adults abusing prescription drugs, but medicine chests in too many homes are full of these opiates and children are often getting their hands on them.

And when people become addicted to these prescription opiates, and they no longer can get them as readily as before, many are turning to street heroin and that is one reason for that drugs resurgence in the country.

Shockingly, Pickens County is one of the leaders in the state in drug overdose deaths. Before a problem can be solved, it first has to be recognized and accepted as a problem. And this problem is a matter of life and death.

A dialog of over-prescribing, dependence and allowing these prescription drugs to get in the wrong hands needs to be started by our elected officials who seem oblivious to the problem.

But we as parents, siblings, friends and even children must be proactive in the lives of those we love. Do what you can, all you can, to help those you love that fight addiction.

Addiction is not a character flaw, it is the worst kind of disease, one that attacks the soul as well as the body. With faith, hard work and prayer, addiction “can” be beaten.

You can go to this website for help locally,

Rick Tate



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