Future will be uphill battle

I am a native of South Carolina and a 1957 graduate of Pickens High School. I appreciate your consideration of this transmission. I miss Pickens, the good people there and wish you well.

Thank you Lord for what may be a brief reprieve. This nation has been under siege for decades with emphasis on globalism and the transformation of the U.S. into a submissive third world entity rather than sovereignty and the well-being of this nation.

It will be an uphill battle fraught with danger from the destructive enemy within and the despots of the world who have been promoted and supported by our tax dollars. There has been so much damage done that it will take years (if ever) of intense effort to recover.

We are in serious trouble, but hopefully the swamp can be totally drained of the evil that still inhabits the halls of government. A small window is open and the apathetic masses need to have their partisan, political cataracts removed in order to see the need for unity.

This may be the last opportunity afforded, therefore, American loving people desperately need to act decisively for the continued survival and preservation of Christian values and freedom. May God bless this administration and endow it with the wisdom to lead in a manner that is benefiting of the good people of this nation and the liberty lovers around the world.

Tom Hayes

Spokane, Wash.


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