Do you remember?

As to the letter from Rick Tate as Chairman of the Republican Party of Pickens County, is that the same Rick Tate that was the Libertarian Party Candidate in recent elections? And why do the Republicans want to “cleanse” the Republican Party? I remember a time when there were Liberal and Moderate Republicans up to the 1980s.

Further, I have been wondering about the misinformation contained in other letters to the editor:

A. Democrats were in control of Congress under Bush. Not so. The House of Representatives was controlled by Republicans from 1995 to 2006; the Senate from 1995 to 2006 with two ties. In 2010 the Tea Party took over the House.

B. There is no lie if or when a seller tells a buyer they can keep their insurance. The buyer can contract with the company and if agrees to the costs, keep the product.

C. Benghazi was not an embassy nor a suburb of Tripoli. It is over 500 land miles and over 400 air miles from Tripoli and by any estimate no relief force could be there in two hours.

D. Why is our Governor and other Republican governors taking credit for an improving economy when the programs of the president have been used to benefit the states economy? Do people remember Bush had two programs to shore up the economy?

E. Do people not remember that we are now paying for two wars that made the deficit over $10 trillion.

F. Do any of your readers remember in 2008 Bush allowed Russia to annex parts of another country without a peep.

James P. O’Connell


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