‘Grumpy Old Men’ to lend support to Meals on Wheels

A group affectionately known as the “Grumpy Old Men” from Six Mile has pledged to raise some much needed funds to supply a new kitchen with small wares such as utensils and cooking vessels.

SIX MILE — A group informally known as the “Grumpy Old Men” has stepped up to the plate, so to speak, to help Pickens County Meals on Wheels raise money to furnish the new kitchen facility in Liberty with some much needed items.

Small wares such as new pots, pans, and other cooking utensils aren’t as flashy as a new stove or refrigerator, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important or needed.

Meta Bowers, executive director of Pickens County Meals on Wheels, said that donations to this effort are critical to helping the organization establish the first and only Meals on Wheels kitchen in Pickens County. Contributions now will help enable the organization to serve the elderly and disabled for many years to come.

A plaque commemorating the names of donors to this project will be placed in the new kitchen.

So who are the “Grumpy Old Men?” According to Bowers, they’re anything but.

“Don’t let the name fool you,” said Bowers. “The Grumpy Old Men have hearts of gold. We are grateful for their pledge to assist in the necessary expense for these items.”

The pledge has a total goal of $7,500 to help furnish the new kitchen.

Notable members who will be helping with the project are Mayor Roy Stoddard of Six Mile, Rep. Gary Clary, former Rep. B.R. Skelton, James Atkinson, Ken Ellison, Jimmy Hayes, B.J. Skelton, Wilt Stephens, “Dude” McAbee, Steve Howard, Ron Willis, Eddie Durham, Tony Ellison, Ray Longnecker, Mac Bradshaw, Bud Alexander, Jimmy Hicks, Heuston Merck, Tom Smith, and Carl Whitaker.

John Wade, a PCMOW board member, will chair the campaign.

Meals on Wheels first began refurbishing the former Liberty Middle School kitchen and cafeteria into what will become The McKissick Center for Senior Wellness back in January. According to Bowers, renovations are scheduled to be complete mid-June, and the organization anticipates producing its own meals as soon as July.

To find out more about Meals on Wheels and the importance of the work they do in Pickens County, visit www.pcmow.org, call 855-3770 ext. 303 or email info@pcmow.org.