Stormwater partners offer rain barrels through local program

By: Staff Report

CLEMSON – Anderson & Pickens Counties Stormwater Partners are offering Ivy Rain Barrels through their rain barrel program again this year at a discounted price to encourage residents to conserve water resources as well as to protect water quality.

Order rain barrels online at

The rain barrels can be purchased directly through the program’s website using a credit card. There will also be a limited number of rain barrels available on the day of the sale. The normal retail is $129 but through this special promotion they are only $68.

Order before Oct. 8 for an Oct. 11 pick up in Clemson at the SC Botanical Garden Entrance from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Quantities are limited.

“This program is an important step toward protecting clean water in our community because it offers an inexpensive and proven option to help people make a difference in their own backyards,” said Rachel Davis, a water resources agent with Clemson Extension. “We are committed to protecting our water quality and managing the damaging effects of stormwater runoff. The use of rain barrels will provide residents one of the tools they need to conserve water, prevent water pollution, and reduce sedimentation in our lakes, rivers, and streams.”

The rain barrel captures rainwater from rooftops by connecting to a home’s downspout. This water would typically be sent down the storm drain carrying potential contaminants and contributing to flash flooding.

The cumulative effect of rain barrels implemented throughout a geographic area can have a significant impact on stormwater management and water quality.

Water collected by the rain barrels can be used for gardens, lawns, and washing cars and pets.

For more information on the APCSP Rain Barrel Program or to order a rain barrel, visit

Staff Report