Enter ‘Eclipse Over Clemson’ photo contest to share a place in history

By: Staff Report

CLEMSON – About 50,000 people came to the campus of Clemson University on Aug. 21 to view the total solar eclipse.

That’s a lot of people. And a lot of cameras.

In commemoration of the grand event, the College of Science – in conjunction with Clemson University Press – is hard at work producing a book titled “Eclipse Over Clemson: The day Tigertown will never forget.” The keepsake book will contain more than a dozen chapters and hundreds of photographs chronicling the event.

As a further show of appreciation, we would like to invite those of you who viewed the eclipse on the grounds of Clemson University to participate in the “Eclipse Over Clemson” photo contest.

Ten winners each will have one of their photographs appear in the book. They also will receive a free copy of the book.

Here are the rules:

One entry per person. Select your favorite photograph and send it to us via email attachment. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

The photograph has to have been taken somewhere on Clemson University’s campus on Aug. 21. It can be a photograph of the eclipse itself or of anything related to the eclipse.

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges from Clemson University. The judges will focus on composition, clarity, color quality and overall impact.

The photograph should be formatted as a JPEG and should be the largest size that your email can accommodate.

Send entries to science@clemson.edu. Put “CLEMSON ECLIPSE PHOTO CONTEST” in the subject line in capital letters.

The body of each email must contain your name and your preferred choice of notification, either email or phone. Please include a caption that describes the photograph in as much detail as possible.

The photograph must be an original work taken by each entrant.

Entry deadline is 5 p.m. Sept. 22. Entries received after this date will be disqualified.

The 10 winners will be notified by Oct. 6. Winners will be sent issue licensing agreements that will give Clemson University Press permission to use their photograph in perpetuity in any format without further compensation other than the free book. You must sign this agreement for your photograph to be published.

“Eclipse Over Clemson: The day Tigertown will never forget” will include chapters by Sean Brittain, Nic Brown, Clinton Colmenares, Darlene Edewaard, Dieter Hartmann, Wanda Johnson, Drew Lanham, Donald Liebenberg, Mark Leising, Patrick McMillan, Jim Melvin, Amber Porter, Cindy Pury and Chad Sosolik. Renowned Southern author Ron Rash has written a poem for the book, as well.

It is scheduled to be available in December. Use this link to pre-order: http://bit.ly/2vWgNJW. Your credit card will not be charged until the book is published and available for shipping.

Staff Report