Strickland named editor

By: Staff report
Kasie Strickland

EASLEY — Kasie Strickland has been named managing editor of The Sentinel-Progress beginning Oct. 16 following the departure of Patricia Edwards who accepted a publisher position at The Clinton Chronicle on Friday.

Strickland first joined the paper in 2007 briefly as an advertising representative before being shifted to the editorial department.

“I was terrible at selling ads,” said Strickland. “Just awful. You could give me the easiest sales package in the world to pitch and I would find some way to make it seem unappealing — but, I could write a great story about it.”

Fortunately, then editor Ben Robinson decided to bring her on as a reporter.

“I will always be grateful to Ben (Robinson) for giving me a chance here in Easley,” said Strickland. “But the real thanks goes to Patricia Edwards. Not only did she bring me back, she has since taught me everything I know.”

After a layoff due to a company acquisition, Strickland refocused her interests into wedding photography and various freelance work.

“I was still working, still in Easley, but it was a big change for me and for my family,” she said. “I missed the paper and when I came back in 2014, it felt like home. I was happy to be back.”

Strickland returned as a reporter/photographer to work alongside D.C. Moody in August of 2014. Together, the two found their niche, built lasting community relationships and racked up over 20 South Carolina Press Association awards for their work.

Besides The Sentinel-Progress, Strickland has had bylines in Stars and Stripes, The State and The Times-Picayune just to name a few. She has also been a featured columnist in newspapers across the country.

“We’re a small group and we work well together,” she said of the paper now. “I look forward to continuing that.”

Kasie Strickland Strickland

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