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A look back …

EASLEY — For the past few weeks The Sentinel-Progress has been publishing vintage photographs of Easley and the surrounding Pickens County areas thanks to a fairly extensive collection of historical photographs courtesy of The Pickens County Library System.

Although their collection is impressive, we here at the S.P., were hoping to gather some reader submissions as well as a way to more fully interact with the community we serve.

And wow, did you step up.

Besides the dozens of emailed submissions, a phone call from a Mr. William “Dub” Fortner about floored us.

Mr. Fortner invited us out to his home to show us his own collection of historical photographs that he has managed to gather over his 94 years of living here in Easley.

Actually, “collection” is putting it mildly — Mr. Fortner has a library of his own: Volume upon volume of 3-ringed binders stuffed with 8x10s, newspaper clippings and artist renditions of Easley and Pickens County for the past nearly 100 years.

With his permission (and by swearing to protect said binders with our lives) we will be publishing Mr. Fortner’s photographs on a weekly basis.

We want to thank Mr. Fortner for his generosity in sharing these invaluable pieces of history with us, and in turn, all of you.

By Kasie Strickland

Reach Kasie Strickland at 864-855-0355.