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Council vote makes county FEMA, DNR compliant

PICKENS COUNTY — Third reading of an ordinance to amend the County’s Development Standards was passed on Monday night, bringing the County into compliance with state mandated requirements from the Department of Natural Resources and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The passage, while seemingly routine, hit a snag when Councilman Trey Whitehurst became concerned about the language of the ordinance and requested clarification on what was mandated and what was staff’s recommendations.

After lengthy discussion, an amendment to the ordinance was proposed to simply pass the original mandated requirements and refer the remainder to the Committee of the Whole for further review.

The ordinance passed, all in favor.

In other business, Council approved a request to spend $59,200 to repair a baler from the Pickens County Landfill.

The baler would gain an extra eight to 10 years of usage, said County Administrator Gerald Wilson and while 60 grand may seem like a lot for a fix, to replace the unit would be close to a million dollars.

The request was passed unanimously.

Also approved was $12,500 for the Dacusville Recreation Facility.

“The gym floor was in dire need of resurfacing. It was slick and unsafe for the players,” the request letter read. “The liability of injury was a great concern. It was determined that if we had not completed this refinishing now, it would have been much more costly in the future.”

Additionally, the Dacusville Rec asked for $2,500 for asphalt for their walking track, $4,800 for the upcoming volleyball and basketball seasons for equipment, uniforms and officials to referee the games and $1,958.75 for “outstanding accounts payable.”

Councilman Carl Hudson stated he believed the funds were needed and he was in favor of granting the Rec’s request as put through by the newly commissioned Recreation Fund Advisory Board.

By Kasie Strickland

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