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World of Energy celebrates Oconee, Pickens turning 150

PICKENS COUNTY — Duke Energy’s World of Energy education center at Oconee Nuclear Station will host “Gold Mining in the Golden Corner” at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 23.

This free, educational program is the first of several throughout the year at the World of Energy to celebrate the 150th anniversaries of Oconee and Pickens counties. The next featured guest speaker is Furman University’s Dr. Courtney Tollison on Tuesday, Feb. 6, presenting, “Over here, over there: The Upstate and World War I.”

South Carolina Nuclear Communications Manager Chris Rimel will present “Gold Mining in the Golden Corner” in the World of Energy auditorium. This Super Tuesday program includes door prizes and light refreshments. There will also be a display of tools and devices used in gold mining in the Upstate.

“We are looking forward to hosting a year of history education,” Rimel said. “Oconee Nuclear Station and the World of Energy have partnered with our communities for many years to promote nuclear energy education. Since we geographically straddle the Pickens and Oconee county lines at the World of Energy, and we are foremost an education center, it’s a real privilege to roll out these informative sessions throughout 2018. And there will be more added.”

Currently Scheduled 150th Anniversary Presentations at the World of Energy include:

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