Letters to the Editor Policy

The Sentinel-Progress encourages and welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should be about issues of general interest and no longer than 500 words. Letters that exceed 500 words will be shortened to conform to our policies.

We reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling, but the meaning of the letter or column will not be altered. They should not be libelous or in bad taste. We will not publish anonymous letters. Letters thanking sponsors or endorsing candidates will be considered but publication can only be assured through advertising.

Letters must be signed, include a street address, hometown and telephone number. The street address and telephone number will not be published. Verification of the writer’s ID is required. Writers are limited to one letter every 30 days. Letters should be typed or printed legibly. Illegible letters will not be considered for publication.

Letters can be hand delivered or mailed to our office at 714 S. Pendleton St., Suite D., Easley, SC 29640 or emailed to EASnews@civitasmedia.com. We do not accept faxed letters.