Kudos to PalmettoPride for Liberty help

I’ve recently had the privilege of working on an amazing recycling project in Liberty SC. An old school site has been transformed into a multi-function center for the people of Pickens County. Some of the older parts were torn down and the remaining buildings have been renovated.

The gymnasium is being used by Liberty Parks & Recreation; the old high school auditorium has been modernized and will now host events, and a long wing of classrooms has been refurbished and will become the offices of our county magistrates. The old school cafeteria will become the new senior center and home of the Meals on Wheels program.

It took great faith and vision to see that a pile of rubble and ugly old buildings could become a beautiful focal point in this community. Many volunteers, inmates and county employees worked long hours to accomplish this.

PalmettoPride, our state’s anti-litter organization, granted necessary resources to assist a litter pick-up during the Great American Clean-Up in the spring. 57 volunteers from various civic groups cleaned the streets of Liberty!

PalmettoPride then provided funds to landscape and beautify this site. They continue to spearhead anti-litter efforts in an attempt to reduce the negative image that litter promotes, and help to beautify public spaces in South Carolina. These kinds of anti-litter, recycling and beautification projects benefit all of us and I encourage everyone to pitch in and make Pickens County even more beautiful.

Sally McGuire