We don’t need hatred in US

To our xenophobic President. Who are you to only allow immigrants who can speak English into the USA? My grandmother who migrated from Poland spoke only seven words of English. My grandmother never spoke English but she did more for this country then you can imagine.

One of her sons was wounded at the battle of Pearl Harbor, another son was a combat engineer who went in with assault troops to blow up Japanese obstacles for the landing U.S. ships during WWII. Yet another of her sons was a Marine in the Army of Occupation of Japan, and her daughter, my mother, served in the WAAC/WAC in the Army Air Force.

My grandmother has given more to this country than you ever can, Mr. Trump. You nor your rich family have never served this country. In fact, you dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam conflict. All you ever did was take care of yourself, Trump. Take is all you and your family have ever done.

To enter this great country, all my grandfather had to do is go to the immigration office, sign a paper denouncing loyalty to the Czar of Russia (his part of Poland which was then controlled by Russia) and pledge allegiance to the USA to become an American Citizen.

Respect and inclusion made America great, not some rich white boy spewing his hatred toward groups of people who don’t fit his idea of who should only be allowed to live in the USA.

Larry Allen