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Protesting? Here’s why you can

Ever since these supposed football and other pro players have decided to take a knee and protest this country’s society, I have had to take a look at why they can do it. It is ironic that the real men and women of this country gave them their right to do it.

Who are these men and women? They are the veterans who gave of themselves and many who gave their lives that we could be free and be able to express our feelings. They are the EMTs who rush in to save lives when there is an accident. They are firefighters who rush in when others rush out. They are the law officers who are willing to risk their lives when your family is in danger. Every one of these people gives an oath to do their best to right a situation.

Now who are the people who are protesting the state of society in this country? They are very talented people who play a game. They have worked hard to get their status, but they are still playing a game. They have been pampered and adored since they showed promise. They have gone to big money schools with luxurious facilities. They are backed by owners who are afraid they will lose money if they cross the players. They are also backed by corporations who are fond of the games.

Now here is what I propose. When a military conflict comes up and threatens our country, let’s send in a football team. Pros are the best so send them. See how long they last in Iraq or Afghanistan. When you or your family are in an accident, call a football player. When your house catches on fire, see how well the football team handles it. Or, last but not least, when one of your kids is abducted or molested, call your buddies. See how well that works.

If you really have a problem with society, go where the program stems from and hit it hard on. If it is the community, go to the leaders to try to talk it out. If it is with the police, form a group to work with them, put some of the millions that you make playing a game to some good use.

This country has some problems, but it is far better than the alternative. By protesting the flag, you give those who gave you the right to protest a slap in the face. Most of you act like children who have never seen the real world. Maybe we should reinstate the draft to teach you about it.

Sam Gillespie