A thank you from Post 52

I just finished our busy week of sales and am exhausted, but look forward to another just like it in the Spring.

My organization is the American Legion and we have participated in the Belk’s Charity Day Sale for the third time.

All non-profits from schools, service groups, churches and just about any organization that wants to help others is eligible to participate. This is a win-win situation for the non-profit in that they can reap whatever they need if they put in the effort.

In the past we were using pancake breakfasts for our fundraising promotions, but when the restaurants we were using backed out, we had hit a void. That is when we were contacted by Belk’s and offered their plan.

We could sell $5 coupons to their Charity Day Sale and we could keep the $5.

The coupons were good for $5 off any purchase during the day of the sale. The sky is the limit as they made sure we had as many coupons as we needed.

We now have some funds needed to help veterans, families, students and all our national programs.

I would like to thank all those who participated in the sale, both those who did the sales and those who bought the coupons. But mostly I would like to thank Shirley Powell and Ellen Griffin from Belk’s in Easley who brought this program to us.

This has been a boon to many a non-profit in our community.

Sam Gillespie

American Legion Post 52

Easley, S.C.