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Christmas comes early for Pickens residents

PICKENS COUNTY — On Thursday, Dec. 14, Christmas came for Pickens County residents. A conservation easement was filed with Pickens County.

After much work by Upstate Forever and others, Atlantic Coast Conservancy filed an easement to protect Glassy Mountain from a subdivision development. The fruits of everyone’s labor paid off in the team effort of people from different counties and states.

A special thanks goes to Upstate Forever! Andrea Cooper and Shelley Robbins of Upstate Forever were true champions. Once I gave them a call concerning the hearing for rezoning Glassy Mountain for a high density subdivision, they were all aboard to fight ruining the mountain. They were very instrumental with their role with Upstate Forever to help the cause. Shelly Smith and Doug Hinkle of Pickens were true warriors also.

For all of the residents that came to my community meeting to become informed of Glassy Mountain Holdings plans to build on the mountain, we would not have had success without you.

Thank you to all of the professionals who used their talents to present to the planning commission to show the environmental hazards and economic tax burdens of the proposed subdivision despite the travesty of the meeting and the chairman denying many the chance to speak.

It’s incomprehensible how the planning commission came to the conclusion the proposed subdivision was consistent with surrounding area and how it wouldn’t be harmful to the environment nor surrounding neighbors. Hopefully they won’t make this mistake again.

In conclusion, thanks to the Findley family for solidifying their family legacy as the family that did their part to protect the iconic landscape of Pickens and Glassy Mountain. As our forefathers before us, it is our job to “preserve, protect and pass on” our beautiful landscape for future generations to enjoy.

By Wes Hendricks

For The Sentinel-Progress

Wes Hendricks is the Pickens County Councilman for District 3.